Northdale Manor, a not-for-profit retirement home, provides supportive care tailored to the needs of seniors in a warm, welcoming atmosphere that offers peace of mind for residents and their families, in a manner that fosters independence, respects individuality and preserves the dignity of each resident in: A Home that fits Life…Perfectly”.

Vision and Values

  • ● We believe that Northdale Manor is a home and not an institution.
  • ● We believe that each resident deserves respect, courtesy and acceptance.
  • ● We believe that each resident deserves care that recognizes his/her emotional, intellectual, physical, social and spiritual uniqueness.
  • ● We believe that a safe and comfortable environment increases confidence and fosters trust for residents and their families.
  • ● We believe that it is our responsibility to recognize, maintain and, when possible, enhance residents’ abilities.
  • ● We believe that it is important that we give residents a voice by seeking their input, promoting choice and including them in decision-making.
  • ● We believe that meaningful activities provide enjoyment, stimulation and fulfillment while promoting optimum levels of independence in a safe manner.
  • ● We believe that friendships and friendly relationships contribute to each resident’s overall health and well-being.
  • ● We believe that a dining experience that features well-prepared, home-cooked, nutritious food is a highlight that contributes to the homey atmosphere and social well-being of each resident.
  • ● We believe that housekeeping and laundry services that are tailored to each resident’s needs contribute to comfort, pride, contentment and freedom from worry.
  • ● We believe that we must maintain the highest standard of integrity in our relationships with residents, families, employees and community partners.
  • ● We believe that it is our responsibility to employ competent and compassionate staff who carry out their duties in a caring, professional manner.
  • ● We believe that it is our responsibility to create a home where residents and staff alike want to be.
  • ● We believe that Northdale Manor is ‘a home that fits Life…Perfectly’.